Greetings curious visitor! I’m David and I’m currently the Director of Engineering at TOOLBX, where I am helping to build out an on-demand marketplace for construction materials. I was previously the Backend Team Lead at Chefs Plate, a meal kit subscription service delivering coast-to-coast in Canada, and before that, I was previously a Lead Engineer at Nascent Digital, a mobile development agency, where I was helping to build out the new TELUS My Account experience.

On my spare time, I can be found tinkering on a side project, giving meet-up talks to the development community (currently an organizer of the Laravel Toronto meet-up group - please message if you have a talk idea!), chowing down juicy pork buns and flavourful ramen at the other David Chang’s restaurant, reading at the local library or bookstore (which is always en vogue), and playing ping pong, tennis or the piano.

I’m also an editor for the Gaardian, a satirical newspaper for the Aardwolf MUD community. You can find me by the name Mandorallen.

Feel free to ping me on Twitter, LinkedIn or GitHub if you have a question!

Thanks for dropping by!